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8 trends for bridal hair in 2019

Hello all my bridal babies! Are you ready to see some of the most beautiful bridal models for 2019? My name is Shelby Weatherholtz and I am ready to resolve it for you. I’m sure there’s a look in this collection that anyone can use! Since bridal is one of my specialties, I can not wait to share with you what I think will be the best bridal gowns of the new year.

This style is less structured, the typical French twist (which, let’s be real, most brides do not want to matter anymore) and adds texture, but still retains the classic feel. Usually paired with lots of volume and lightness, this classic of the old days has become a new requirement for old age! One of my favorite stylists, those, shows this perfectly structured twist!

8 trends for bridal hair in 2019

Whether you’re wearing your hair up, down, or somewhere in between, adding accessories is all the rage! From flower crowns to faded hair vines, there is no lack of inspiration for bridal hair accessories. Places like @leletny and @pinkpewter specialize in this area as well as @wb_upstyles, @hairandmakeupbysteph and @ulyanaaster are stylists creating their own accessory lines! Check out these styles for a few flashing inspections.

# 2: The Undone Chignon

This style is simple and sweet. It can be as simple as a knotted bun or more relaxed than a chignon. Classicism, romance and simplicity come to mind when you imagine this style.

8 trends for bridal hair in 2019

3: Play on Natural Texture

Why should you hide all those beautiful curls, if you can make her the star of the show? Other brides choose to emphasize the texture they were blessed with instead of completely changing it.

8 trends for bridal hair in 2019

# 4: Glam Waves

Old Hollywood is your thing? Well, there are many types of waves to choose from, but the deep finger wave like curls is a dream! Some prefer a softer finish, while others like the drama of the deeply structured waves I’ve shown you below.

8 trends for bridal hair in 2019

# 5: The Cascading Fairytale

Who does not want to feel like a princess on his big day? Well, this style will surely give you everything with Elsa-inspired hair. Typically, this style involves a large braid and can run down either over the back or over the shoulder. Either way, this look is always a show stopper!

8 trends for bridal hair in 2019

# 6: The Relaxed Bohemian

This super effortless look is perfect for beach weddings or those rustic barn weddings that will never disappoint. This style is more laid-back and almost looks like it was possible in your own home, but believe me, you still want a pro.

8 trends for bridal hair in 2019

# 7: Soft & Structured

Yes, it is possible to have both soft and structured in the same style. It is quite insane and makes a big splash in the bridal world. There are so many details and yet it remains airy and open, resulting in a softer style. Artist @ulyanaaster has made this an unmistakable trademark style, and many are choosing this big day!

# 9: BRAIDS!

They go nowhere and thank God, because they make such a wonderful updo! Now we see it in an unexpected way. Think fairytale garden meets modern romance. All the good texture we all want to see now!

8 trends for bridal hair in 2019

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